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The Murwillumbah Rifle Club was formed on the 1 October, 1901, and was affiliated with the Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (DAAG), to provide civilians with the opportunity to practice and improve their marksmanship in support of the defense of Australia. With a history of 110 years, the Murwillumbah Rifle Club today is affiliated with the Queensland Rifle Association (QRA) and offers shooters many varied opportunities to shoot, catering for shooters at all levels from beginner to the experienced. Target Rifle Shooting has developed into the modern competitive sport we see today, through local club competitions, Club Open Prize Meets, State Queens, National Queens, World Championships and Commonwealth Games.
Murwillumbah Rifle Club events are held outdoors on an ex-military shooting range at varying distances from 300 to 900 yards. Access to the range is most definitely restricted to specific days and times, as the range is split over two private properties.
Our classes of shooting that we offer include (see calendar for dates):
  • Fullbore – alternate fortnightly on Saturday afternoons from 1.00pm and Sundays at 8.00am
  • Smallbore – every Saturday morning at 8.00am
  • Field Class - fortnightly on alternate Sunday mornings at 8.00am, from the Fullbore
  • Shotgun
  • Military (.303 Service Rifles)
  • Black Powder
The different classes of rifle shooting conducted by our Club follow the Standard Shooting Rules (SSRs) of the National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA). Shooting is open to men and women of all ages; Queensland & New South Wales laws designate that a person using a rifle must be a minimum of 12 years of age and adults 18 years and over must be eligible for a Queensland or New South Wales Licence.
Our club provides an instructor for people wanting to complete a firearms safety course, which is a prerequisite for application of a 'Firearms Licence'. The approved Safety Course entails a test on safety, a theory test on legislation, understanding what are category A and B firearms (which will make more sense on the day) and a practical test. There is no prior knowledge or firearms handling experience required to complete the safety course.
Rifle shooting with the Murwillumbah Rifle Club is a safe and enjoyable sport. Our club currently has 110 valued members. We pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record, which is the responsibility of ALL participants. The Murwillumbah Rifle Club welcomes new shooters and encourages people to come and give it a go.

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